Build a Strong
Foundation in Math
RMXplore's Goal Is to Maximize Learning
We offer classes to nurture budding interests in math from a young age. Students are encouraged to continue all the way to advanced specialized topics.
Focus on Fundamentals of mathematics before applying to problem solving
Topic Focused Courses allow students the time to get the best understanding on subjects
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What We Do

Below are the goals of RMXplore programs.
About RMXplore
RMXplore is suitable for students who want to have a very strong foundation in mathematics, perform well in high school and university level math courses or to do well in STEM courses.
Nurture Early Interests through our elementary school courses
Excel in and beyond school in our middle school math courses
Succeed through Challenge in our high school level specialized math courses
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Policies & Processes
Below are the policies and processes at the core of RMXplore.


- Admission and class placement based on assessment
- Continuous assessments and adjustments


- Rapid progress in a relaxed environment
- Places an emphasis on teamwork


- Small classes led by experienced coaches
- Rigorous curriculum and practice problems

Our programs are available online and in-person

We recommend programs that match your child's needs based on assessment results.
courses offered
All courses at RMXplore can be mastered using any combination of our four programs : Year-round courses, Summer Courses, Math Bytes and Self Learning. Learn more about these programs here.

Foundational Courses

Develop computational & mathematical instinct using courses such as Mathematical operations, Prealgebra, Elementary Geometry, and Counting

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Intermediate Courses

Develop strong foundation to succeed in mastering rigorous math curriculum in high school using Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Precalculus

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Advanced Courses

Lead in STEM courses at college by learning AP Calculus AB/BC, Multivariate Calculus (Differential and Integral), Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

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Frequently Asked

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for students in grades K through 12. Younger students are encouraged to apply if they are sufficiently mathematically advanced.

This program is not recommended for students struggling in math. However, we are happy to recommend resources suitable for your child based on their assessment.

When and where are the classes held?

These courses will be offered  in-person at our location in Webster, Texas and Cupertino, California. Students from rest of US, Canada and India can choose the online option, taking the class via Zoom.

For class duration and time, please refer to each individual course's information.

Why is an assessment required for the programs?

A qualitative assessment helps us understand student’s goals from the program, their motivation level, and current proficiency in problem solving and mathematics.

This also helps us identify a suitable class placement for the student and to provide recommendations for future growth and development of the prospective student.

Where can I register for RMXplore's programs?

Registration for our Math Bytes Programs is not currently open, but you can register for our Year-Round Courses here.

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